Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Me oh My!

Just to get going, I thought I'd share my 100 things about me that I wrote earlier this year for some of my blogger friends. Totally random and in no particular order. Here we go.

1. My kids are my life and I’m just so glad they are here.
2. I have the most wonderful, easygoing, loving husband who I love with all my heart.
3. I am so not an animal person but we have a yellow lab who is such a good dog.
4. I am a huge procrastinator and therefore work best under pressure.
5. I always throw my clothes on the bedroom floor at night.
6. I am a night owl and love to sleep in (although that never happens with two kids).
7. I love Italian food. . . anything creamy. . .nothing with marinara.
8. I have many dreams that I don’t follow because I feel too vulnerable.
9. I always worry about what people think of me.
10. If ever I say something stupid, I worry about it for weeks if not months.
11. I worry about my younger brothers and sisters like a mom.
12. I love to have people over.
13. I am very sarcastic and just hope that people know I’m joking most of the time.
14. I wish I had a better relationship with my parents.
15. Perfectionism is built in and I can’t help it in some aspects.
16. If I don’t think I can do something perfectly, I often think twice before doing it.
17. I have to sleep on the right hand side of the bed
18. I dread doing the laundry and put it off as long as possible.
19. I am afraid of the dark.
20. I love watching my kids learn new things. Their curiosity delights me.
21. I have to sleep with my feet poking out of the covers or I feel like I am suffocating.
22. I hate feeling trapped in any way.
23. I am becoming a bargain shopper – I love & hate it all at the same time.
24. I love to take bubble baths
25. My creative outlet is in scrapbooking or cardmaking.
26. I really like pretty much any crafty thing.
27. I often agree with people so I don’t have to explain my reasoning.
28. At the same time, I always feel the need to explain myself (see, I’m doing it right now!).
29. I hang out in my PJ’s most days.
30. I love dining at nice restaurants.
31. I love having a reason to get dressed up.
32. Every once in a while, I love to push my husband’s buttons and get him riled up.
33. My sweet tooth is my downfall.
34. I love it when my husband runs his hands through my hair.
35. I love it when my husband just sneaks up behind me and hugs me.
36. I love green beans and peas.
37. I absolutely hate call-waiting.
38. I expect a lot out of myself.
39. I love photography and capturing those moments that often tend to flee so quickly.
40. I love to shop.
41. I love decorating my house.
42. I would love to go back to school but can’t work it in right now. Someday.
43. I would love to volunteer in an orphanage.
44. I would love to visit Argentina to see where my husband served his LDS mission.
45. Three places I would love to visit would be Italy, Australia and New York (no, I’ve never been).
46. I have the best in-laws that anyone could ever ask for.
47. I hate wearing shoes (it goes back to the breathing through my feet :-)
48. I can’t leave my house without doing my hair and makeup.
49. I am a pessimist although I try so hard not to be.
50. I often worry about the “what if’s” of life.
51. I love cuddling up with my hubby and watching a movie.
52. I wish I could remember my mom’s mom. I think it would help me understand my mom better.
53. I’ve always wanted to learn sign language.
54. When I start cleaning, I feel the need to clean everything inside and out. Cupboards, walls, door jams, etc. so it takes ten times longer than it really probably needs to.
55. I love shopping for clothes for my kids and hate shopping for clothes for myself.
56. I want to learn web design.
57. I can’t stand hot weather. Anything above 90 and I get a migraine.
58. I can be indecisive.
59. I don’t like knick-knacks.
60. I unwind by checking my email and surfing the internet.
61. I am addicted to Craigslist although I haven’t bought anything from it for months.
62. I love my 4 Runner and will drive it until it just dies!
63. I would be a shoe person but can’t be with my size 13 feet.
64. I love winter scarves.
65. I love the smell of rain and love playing in the rain.
66. I wish I could remember more of my childhood (or maybe not)
67. My brother and sister are two of my best friends.
68. I can be shy until I’ve assessed the situation enough to know where I fit in.
69. I am leery of anything new until I’ve had a chance to research it.
70. I love family traditions.
71. My kids have taught me more in the short time they have been here than I could have ever imagined.
72. I am stricter than I ever could have imagined.
73. I have more patience than I ever thought I would have.
74. I would love to play the violin.
75. I wish I would have stuck with the piano when I was younger so that I could still play now. (Yes, I know it's not too late).
76. I have a fear of water.
77. I hate ironing.
78. I am a picky pita.
79. I love romantic comedies. Anything with Julia Roberts is a must.
80. My favorite ice cream is cheesecake with Kit Kat & cashew from Cold Stone.
81. I love drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day.
82. My favorite TV shows are The Amazing Race, 24 and CSI.
83. I don’t really like to read.
84. I have a calling in the Primary.
85. I love to make up my own recipes.
86. I love black and white photography.
87. My memory fades more and more every day. It saddens me.
88. I’m good at math.
89. I don’t really love accounting-it’s not what I really want to do.
90. I love pancakes and French toast any time of the day.
91. I hate bacon and sausage and don’t really even like ham.
92. I often laugh off my insecurities.
93. I have jitter bug legs.
94. I love the smell of coffee although I don't drink it.
95. I hate surprises.
96. Our daughter was a fabulous surprise. (I’ll take surprises like that any day!)
97. I love the smell of campfire.
98. I love anything with berries. Love the smell, love the taste.
99. I loved summer school when I was younger.
100. I love the laughter of our children that fills our home every day.