Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Alive & Well

We really haven't been Down & Out this entire time. We are all alive and well! We've just been very busy doing things. Stuff. At the moment I can't even really think of what. But one of these days I am going to actually sit and edit some personal photos so that I can make some posts. I always figure I'll wait until I have pictures but then somehow they just never get edited. I am always working on something else. I'll have to move that to the top of the to do list. But for now, I will leave you with my top ten list of things to do and then you'll see just how exciting my life has become!

10) Organize this office/craft room. Redecorate since The Boy decided to take all of the decor off the shelves and think they make great toys. Sitting in here on the computer makes me clostraphobic because nothing is really in its place. (Note to self: This house used to be so organized. I need to find that anal part of me again :-)

9) Redecorate my bedroom. We got a new bed set and some new decor to give it a fresh new look. Our old bedding is about 9 years old and overdue for a change. Sheets are in the dryer as we speak so tomorrow will be a good day!

8) Clear out the kids dressers. It seems like half the stuff in there doesn't fit anymore. Move on to the next sizes.

7) Help The Gent's wardrobe. I swear if I didn't go through his stuff once in a while he would just wear the same thing for fifty years. I've noticed lately it is time. Time for something new.

6) Subscribe to a fabulous new photog magazine. Any ideas? I've come across a few I like. Now which to choose. I'm open for suggestions.

5) Sign The Boy up for some sort of extracurricular activity. I guess first, decide what. Soccer? T-ball? Gymnastics? He has so much energy and it needs to be channeled. More so than drawing big snakes on my wall and climbing on top of the fridge. Another post entirely but the pictures will be worth the wait!

4) Find things to occupy the kids in the car on our way to Oregon. We leave in two weeks and I am so excited yet stressing so much about the drive. The Girl cries in the car about 85% of the time regardless of where we are going. So, 12 hours in the car. Well, maybe I should buy three sets of earplugs. Any activity ideas for Little Miss? we're going to need them.

3) Edit some pictures!

2) Make some Primary phone calls/visits. I always dread the phone calls. Everything else, no problemo. Phone calls. . .they always get procrastinated.

1) Send out thank you cards. Always in the back of my head but always the last thing on the list to get done.