Sunday, March 23, 2008

Road Trip!

We are headed out of town tomorrow morning to visit my sister in Oregon. We are road trippin it and hoping that we all survived the 13 hour drive (probably more like 18 with all of the stops I know we are going to have to make). The Boy loves driving in the car and can hardly wait to take the "far, far, far drive to see D." He thinks it is going to be great fun. The Girl on the other hand, hates being in the car for even ten minutes. She cries and huffs and puffs and wonders why you aren't holding her when you are right there. Needless to say, I have had a lot, A LOT, of anxiety about the trip. Deep inside me I am so excited. Excited to go to Oregon. Excited to see my sister and my nephew who we haven't seen since they moved to Oregon almost a year ago (which is so long considering we were always together when they were here!). But even with all of those things, the thought of how The Girl might be in the car and wondering if we can survive if she isn't entertained enough have gotten the best of me. I have begun wondering what we were thinking planning this trip. Maybe it would have been worth the money to fly. Sigh. Too late now. All the bags are sitting in the entry way, the rental car is booked and so is the hotel. My sister is waiting (we really are excited to see you :-) and we just hope we survive. I know once we get there we are going to have a great time!