Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The Girl is NOT the guilty Arteest here. The guilty one ran and hid in his room.

A few months ago The Boy got into the markers. After picking them all up, there was one marker we couldn't find. We searched high and low and figured that it was just gone. And then it shows up. The pictures really explain it all. In case you aren't sure, it's a snake. When I walked into the room to find this, The Boy said, "Hi mom, do you like my snake?" So proud of his artwork. I was livid. Then I saw The Girl. The Boy got even more excited and said, "look, I made her eyes green!" She was covered and she thought it was great. This was the first of about a dozen drawings on just about every wall he could find. Magic Eraser saved them all except our bedroom wall. It's still green. The suede paint soaked it all in and Magic Eraser takes off the paint and all. I guess it's time to choose a new color.
It's funny now looking back. But at the time, I had to leave the room, shut the door and just pretend it didn't happen. Especially since I thought they were both looking at books in The Boy's room and I had just snuck out to send a few Primary emails when it happened. I can't turn my back for a second! When The Gent got home I let The Boy show him the snake. Daddy wasn't happy either.