Friday, May 30, 2008


I have been trying to decide what to post, whether or not to even post about this but since I am THE worst journal keeper ever these days, I am opting to post something, even if it is vague just to have something written down more for myself than anything.

I have never been one to get into geneology at all. AT. ALL. I leave that to my mom. She loves it. It intrigues her. It's by far, her favorite thing to do. I never get into it. Ever. I have always wondered why she loves it so much, why all of her free time is devoted to it and why she can remember tiny little details and stories from these peoples lives when she can't remember where she put her glasses (sorry mom, but it's true :-).

I was able to experience just a glimpse of what it must be like for her as we went to the temple with some of the family names that she had completed through her geneology. My mom always makes sure that the temple work for those people she has done the family history on is completed. She told me that while that is important to her it is really the searching, finding, family history that she loves about geneology (you know that part that I just can not get into, yeah, that part). But I couldn't help but get into the most important part (if you are asking me). Josephine Cooper gave me that experience (I am going to ask my mom for a picture, I'm sure she looks just like I have pictured her too although she's in color in my mind and in 1870 well, maybe there isn't even a picture). Anyways, that is the person's name my mom gave me and said she really wanted me to have. And so I did. It was overwhelming. It was something I was priveleged to play a small part in.

I wish I had ironed my dress.

I wish I hadn't gotten ready in such a rush.

I wish I had not treated it like something I do every day
(not that I go to the temple every day but you know what I mean)

I wish I had thought more about the meaning of all of it.

Not for me but for her.

Please accept my apologies Josephine.