Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mixed Feelings

I'm back from Chicago and so much is happening. I haven't even had a second to catch my breath. Let alone think about any of the stuff I learned or make a plan for the things that will be changing in my photography business. That will have to come later. I'll just say it was fabulous, totally worth it, many things to think about, a lot learned, a lot of changes to come. Kim and I had a ton of fun in Chicago. I don't know how long it has been since I've laughed so hard. Oh man, the stories. Hopefully Kim has more time for our list of outtakes and I'll link you to it :-)

As for now, I am sitting here going through all of my Primary stuff to pass onto the new Primary President. It is definitely bitter sweet. I knew this was coming. It isn't a complete shock but I never imagined all of the feelings that I would have running through me. I was released on Sunday while I was in Chicago. I know that the 125 Primary kids know how much I love each and every one of them but I would have loved to have told them just one more time. I have been an emotional wreck since I've gotten home and it has really hit me. All of their little faces are going through my head. They make me smile. They make me laugh. They make me think. They brighten each week. I love their personalities and how diffferent they all are. I love the quiet ones, the loud ones, the silly ones, the happy ones, the serious ones. There are the ones that amaze me with their knowledge of the gospel, the ones that sing their little hearts out, the ones that are worried about their friends around them, the ones that yearn to learn and every personality in between. I will miss all of that. Their hugs, their excitement, their smiles, their laughs, their sly grins. I love them all. And the last three years has been amazing.

I am "graduating" and moving on to Young Women's. 1st Counselor. I'm excited, I'm nervous, and the change will be good. Many of the girls are those that I had in my first primary class right after we moved in five years ago. They have all grown up and moved on. They were such a great group of girls so I know it will be fabulous. There is so much coordination that has taken place since I've been gone. I am catching up now on all of it and rearranging my schedule because after all, Tueday tonight is Mutual. And the new Primary Pres has just been waiting for me to get back into town so that she can get the low down. I'm scrambling to get back to the daily routine and get all of this taken care of at that same time.

So then why am I sitting here bloggin? To hopefully let out some of the feelings that are consuming my thoughts or at least trigger them when I have everything passed on to the new president and find out what I'm doing in Young Women's. Then I can write. I should have used that notebook that I bought in Chicago for this but. . .well, I think the flood gates would have opened like they are right now. And well. . . it was already raining enough in Chicago.