Friday, July 18, 2008

Not too Shabby

We had our yard sale a few weeks back and it turned out pretty good. We had so many donations and were busy getting things ready just about every day the week before. Here we are that morning bright eyed and bushy tailed all set up and ready to go. Me (left), Kim, and Mrs. R.
And this cracks me up of Kim & Flavio with their pass along cards. They are hilarious. We just love these guys!
Here's Mr. R promoting adoption with his t-shirt and all. And giving killer deals to BYU fans (notice the hat). Funny that he has on a bright red U of U apron though much bigger than his hat. (OK, not really U of U, but very red indeed).
Kim & Flavio not hiding behind their pass along cards. :-)
Mrs. R, looking fabulous as always.
Ron & Jessica at their concession stand. In their Families Supporting Adoption uniforms and all.And all the stuff. So well organized that you would have felt like you were shopping in a store. lol

The man table. Mrs. R's brilliant idea. It sucked the guys right in and let their wives enjoy more time at the scrapbooking table.
And really, the best part about the entire day was that we were able to talk about adoption all day long. We shared our adoption stories, passed out a TON of our adoption cards, answered all sorts of questions regarding adoption and how the process works and really felt like people left knowing a bit more about adoption. Here is our display with our adoption profiles, cards and adoption brochures.
And the price tags on each and every item had all of our adoption blogs and a thank you for helping all of us get one step closer to our adoption goals.
So, Thank You to everyone who donated items, everyone who came and enjoyed the yard sale and every one who watched the kids while we got ready for and had the yard sale. It was great, fabulous. We made some mula and have already gotten the ball rolling on our adoption paperwork.
And, because it was such a great success. We are going to be having another yard sale on August 16th because we still have a ton of stuff. In the meantime, we are still taking any donations you might have so let me know and I will come and pick them up. Thank you everyone! It's been fun.