Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Clean = Happiness All Around

I love a clean house. With everything in its place, free of knick knacks, clutter, etc. The last few years, things have changed. Not with my desire and need for a clean house. But these days it seems like nothing is safe. Everything is fair game and dare I say, nothing, absolutely nothing stays in the place it was intended for or clean for more than ten minutes. And to top it off, we are always heading in a million different directions and cleaning seems to get pushed to the bottom of the list.

It doesn't help that The Boy is a monkey and climbs up on anything and everything playing with anything he can find. I find random things on the floor, counter, or wherever. And it just isn't as great if you leave things in their package. They must be dumped. He loves playing in the garage and well. . .the garage isn't really Boy proof. He loves to play in the laundry baskets, but laundry in the baskets isn't cohesive to playing in them.

The Girl is now getting to be a climber herself. She absolutely loves to sit and play on top of the table. She climbs up and throws things off and then we get her down. We do that over and over and over again, a million times a day. She thinks it's the best game ever. She loves to empty drawers, the toy bins, baskets, etc. So everywhere I go, I am putting everything back.

Things are everywhere and I can't help but feel a little crazyiness. Nothing is organized. I sort of feel chaotic. I need more structure. More tidiness. More things in their place. Get ready everyone, here comes the schedule!