Thursday, January 7, 2010

Best Holiday Vacation

One of our best vacations in 2009, Oceanside, CA
The Boy still asks to go back to stay at "Sam's house" which is the condo we rented
I really wish we could be there right now.

It's hard to believe that the holidays are over and that is is 2010. I still keep forgetting to write 10 instead of 09. I think it may take another month or so before it sinks in.

The last two weeks of 2009 were the best. The Gent was off work, we were so much further ahead on our Christmas shopping and lists than ever before and were just able to take in the magic of the season, be together, hang out and do whatever we/the kids wanted to do.

The week before The Gent and I sat down and wrote out what we wanted to do while he was off. Mine were the practical things we had to do before Christmas Eve was upon us and The Gent had all of the fun outtings and activities on his list. He joked that my list all sounded like work (keep in mind being crafty to me is fun, it is work to him). We both laughed and agreed we'd get in some of both. And we did. Our list of favs from the holiday season.

- How into giving gifts the kids were (I got to hear all of the stories from the neighbors on the funny things The Boy said as he dropped off presents. From "do you have a chimney?" to "here you go, now do you have a gift for me?" Hilarious I tell you) but even beyond that they were excited to wrap presents for others and to give them to them.

- Family movie day with the kids

- Sledding (The Girl never wanting to come in)

- Letting the kids wrap each others presents

- Christmas Bingo with traditional (oh so fabulous might I add) gifts

- Being with our families

- Christmas tree street and "transporting" into the story (and going back multiple times to be transported again)

- Christmas breakfast (our favorite tradition)

- The Boy waking us all up on Christmas Day to tell us what Santa brought for The Girl to push him away and say, "Yannon, leave me alone, I am tired."

- The kids singing Christmas songs

- How much excitement the kids had, how much they have grown and how much fun they had this year making it ever so much more fun for us.

Moving on the from fabulous, lovely, wonderful holiday season. Trying not to wish it could be like that all year long (The Gent home, hanging out, doing whatever we want to) and also trying not to be mad that the air is gray and gross, it is freezing outside and winter is really just beginning.