Thursday, April 19, 2012

Get Crafty: Pinecone Bird Feeders

I love spring time and all that it brings. This year, Grandpa C. had a surprise for us when we visited. A birds nest!
He gave it a while and didn't have any eggs and decided to clear it out. The very next day, this is what it looked like! I am sure that he had a bird out there somewhere cursing him for ruining their hard work and a mama bird who wasn't the least bit thrilled to hear the nest was gone when she was about to lay her eggs. The Girl and The Boy loved the birds nest and want me to call grandpa every day to see if there are eggs yet. Grandpa is still warming up to the idea of not using his grill for a while.
I thought this was the perfect excuse for a craft and so we gathered our supplies and made a little something for the birds (hoping it will make them want to come back and leave an even better surprise!). Pinecone bird feeders. Let's get started. Here's what you will need:

Pinecones (Thank You, Grandma K!)
Twine (ribbon or yarn will work too)
Hot Glue
Peanut Butter
Bird Seed (I got just enough for this project in the bulk section at Winco for less than $1)
Small Bowl (for the birdseed)
Small Bowl for peanut butter (not shown)
towel (not shown)
3 eager assistants (optional)

First, use the twine to make a loop for hanging. I cut mine about 9" long and tied a knot in the end. Tying a knot in the end helps it to stay in place and to make sure one of the ends won't come loose. It also makes it easier to stick in the hot glue without gluing your finger.
Hot glue the twine right onto the top center of the pinecone. Be generous with the hot glue. Hold the twine in place until the hot glue dries (just takes a minute).
You are half way done! (easy I tell you) Spread the entire pinecone with peanut butter making sure it gets into all of the cracks.
Be sure to lick your fingers a few times because you are certainly going to get peanut butter on your fingers. I guess a towel will work too.

Roll the peanut butter coated pinecone in the bowl of birdseed. Make sure it gets nice and coated by pressing the birdseed into the pinecone.

Done! Let the kids hang it on their favorite tree and hopefully, like The Boy and The Girl have, they will completely enjoy keeping an eye on the pinecones and watching for birds from their fort. They also insisted on taking some over to grandpa's house to leave at the BBQ for the birds.