Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Anniversary Celebration: 16 Years

Our engagement photo, 1996

Sixteen fabulously, insanely, crazily, happy years. Happy Anniversary to me and The Gent. People! Where has the time gone? I was practically a baby when we got married.

 Our wedding day, Sept 18, 1996
For our anniversary this year, I am going to recreate our first date of calzones at The Pie with a pitcher of Sprite (which I will try not to spill this time around) and a walk downtown (since we can't go see the lights at Temple Square which we attempted that night but were too late, those dates after closing down The Amber Restaurant were late!). This time it will include cuddling in the blanket which I didn't catch the hint of on that first date and said I wasn't cold. The Gent has always said I missed out that night, so I am going to find out exactly what I missed out on ;-).

Happy Anniversary, babe! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Love your gutts!