Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Born Brave: Giveaway

A few months ago, I was privileged to get to spend an evening with my friends Kim, Lindsey, Mollz and Cammi. We went to dinner and headed over to a beautiful house in the avenues where we were going to be able to spend a night with Katherine Nelson listening to some of the songs from her new album, Born Brave. Little did we know what we really had in store.
It was an intimate night with a few dozen people and we knew we would have a great time (afterall, we were all together!). While I didn't know much about Katherine Nelson, I could tell from the moment I met her that she has a huge heart. So welcoming and kind. What I didn't know what an emotional night we were all about to experience.
(Mollz, Cammi & Lindsey enjoying the night)
Katherine sang a few songs and then we never saw the next song coming. She said it was about adoption. Kim and I were sitting next to each other and grabbed each others hand. We were three feet from Katherine and right across the coffee table from Lindsey, Mollz and Cammi. My eyes caught Lindsey's, and without saying a word we said, if we could have a group hug, now would be the time.
How in the world did Katherine know? I am sure she didn't know about any of our adoption connections, especially not the impact of that night for Lindsey & Cammi. (you can read about Lindsey and Cammi's adoption connection over on her blog including that night here). We sat and bawled. All five of us because of this song.

It was amazing. It hit us all to the core and it couldn't be more perfect that night. In all of our adoptions, the courage of their birth mothers is indescribable to me and in the moments as they were going home after placement, all I wanted to do was run after their birth moms and hug them a little tighter, a little longer and tell them just how brave I knew they were. So, not only do I love What's Mine is Yours, but I also love Born Brave.

So that one of you can enjoy the entire album too, Katherine's label has been kind enough to let me give away a Born Brave CD. Enter below. This giveaway closes March, 17th @ midnight MST.

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