Sunday, May 26, 2013

Make It Happen 2013 Theme

My theme for 2013 is Make It Happen! When I chose my theme it seemed to fit so well with my goals for the year. I knew it was perfect because while I know what I need to do, it can't just happen all on its own (granted sometimes it is nice to wait around and hope it could! lol) I need that reminder to take that next step and do whatever I can do to reach my goals.
My motto in sterling silver. You can purchase it here.  

Five months into the year so many things have happened that have nothing to do with the goals I had in mind from the beginning of the year. In fact they are things that have to come first before anything else. Yet all along the way I am reminding myself how my theme is the perfect reminder that I can follow my gutt and do what I know is best for my kids and for my family and I can make it happen regardless of what others think should happen! After all, being proactive feels better than waiting to see what someone else will do.

I am making things happen all over the place and although at times we are taking tiny baby steps, we are still making progress. So while it sometimes feels like all of my time and energy are focused on one guy around here, it is a good reminder that making it happen doesn't need to be one giant leap or one certain thing at a time. As long as we are headed in that direction and keeping it in mind, we are making progress.

We are having a great year of making things happening and celebrating all along the way. How about you?