Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Love Getting Mail

Don't you love getting your mail this time of year? Rather than the good old junk mail and bills, getting a Christmas card is just so exciting. My Christmas cards came from the printer today and I love them! I am so excited to send them out and am so in love with them that I almost want to mail one to myself just to have the excitement of opening it! You are going to love them too. I can't give you too many hints or even a sneak peek because what kind of fun would that be (maybe next week I can post a picture after most of you have gotten them). All I will tell you is that I designed them myself and they are sort of a twist off of one of the card designs that I made. They are so great! Seriously. Get excited. Look for them in your mailboxes later this week. I just keep looking at them and you'll just want to keep looking at them too!