Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Breakthrough #2

For months we have been waiting. . .trying to get this. . .

It has been leaning up on top of the picture frame in the bathroom for months. Literally months. The Boy gets to hold it if he is trying to go #2. It has been torturous. We have had many conversations that go something like this. . .

The Boy: Can I watch a movie?

Mom: Sure, what movie?

The Boy: How about the Dinosaurs? [pause] No, not the dinosaurs, I have to poop on the potty to get the dinosaurs. How about [insert new movie] (Cars, Nemo, Beauty and the Beast).

He'll pick another one over the Dinosaur movie just like that when he remembers what he has to do to get that movie. Oh, the torture. I have told him numerous times that he can watch it right now if he will just go and try. He would just say, "No, I can't try! I can't do it."

Tonight I don't know what was different. The conversation started off the same.

The boy: Can I watch a movie?

Before I could even answer. . .

The Boy: The Dinosaur movie. Then a long pause. A very long pause.

And so I said, "Let's try going potty and we'll see."

He didn't even hesitate. He headed to the bathroom. Shocking! He climbed right up and said, "Gent (calling him by his first name and yes he calls him that lately its his new thing) can I hold the Dinosaur movie?" So, Gent got it for him. And we waited, and we sat, and we waited. Twenty minutes later I thought he was done. Ready to give back the movie. The last week has been melt downs, and yelling and screaming about going potty at all although he has kept his big boy pants dry he just holds in everything else until the Pull Up goes on at night. When he does go potty he'll say, "how about we try another day?" So, today, I was ready to give him the out. Ready to just give in. And so I asked him if he was ready to give back the movie and be done. He shocked me and said, "No, I am going to do it and we can watch the Dinosaur movie." Wow. OK. I guess we will sit here and wait. And so we did. We waited and waited and about 45 minutes later after offering to just put the movie away multiple times he told me "I will do it, it is coming." And so we waited. He and I sat in the bathroom FOREVER! F O R E V E R! But hugging the Dinosaur movie he said, "oh, what is that?" and he did it and he went. At 9:45 p.m. we were putting in the Dinosaur movie and watching it. Because it was worth it. It has been patiently waiting to be put in the DVD player and today it got its chance. The Boy was estatic. I was so proud. So excited. The Gent had to see it to believe it. We all sat and watched the Dinosaur movie together and it was fabulous! We are making progress. Maybe we can do this potty thing after all.