Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! Today. That's right. I actually had no idea until we decided (sort of a last minute thing) to go to dinner with my aunt and my grandparents. We used to go to this Chinese restaurant up in Bountiful called Joy Luck and were up in Clearfield tonight and decided that would be the perfect place to go for dinner since we were already in the area. Strawberry chicken, here we come!

I guess I should read the small print on my calendar a bit more. All through dinner we kept commenting on how busy it was there tonight. It took us a while to realize it was because of the Chinese New Year (we are all on top of it, aren't we :-). We also realized that they were having a Chinese dragon dancing there at the restaurant. Fun, right? So, even though we had already finished our meals, we decided to wait for the parade thinking that the kids would really love it.

The Girl didn't really mind at all and was swaying and clapping and waving her arms. The Boy on the other hand was completely freaked out. He wanted to get out of there. He told my aunt that he wanted her to turn off the noise and when my grandpa put on his jacket he said he just wanted him to take him home. Since the dragons were dancing through the restaurant, we couldn't really just leave at that moment as we would have gotten ran over. So, here comes the dragon and The Boy freaked! He was hiding and shaking in my lap. I felt so bad. We thought he would love it. Instead, he was terrified.

We ended up heading out at the first chance we got with one more freak out as we walked by the dragon on the way out the door. The whole way home he just kept telling me, "I don't like that dragon. He's scary!" (signing and saying scary for emphasis). Mental note: Pay attention to the Chinese New Year and don't freak The Boy out with the dancing dragons. Feeling oh so bad. And with The Boy's memory, we're sure to hear about it for months.