Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nap. . .No Nap!

For the past few months I have basically given up on trying to get The Boy to take a nap. He is our little energizer bunny and he can go, go, go on very little sleep. I cut out the nap completely hoping that it would make bedtime a bit easier. Yet he still fights and fights going to sleep. Regardless of what time he goes to bed, he is wide awake at 7:00 AM. Which is actuality fabulous seeing that he was getting up at 6 or 6:30 every day. So, I'll take the 7 and sometimes even 7:30 these days.

There are days when we can tell that he is just so tired yet he won't stop long enough to realize it. Once he slows down and stops for even just a minute or two he is out cold. So, we end up having late, late naps which are definitely not helping out our night time routine. But the worst part about is it that when he takes a late nap he wakes up freaking out. It takes me almost half an hour to calm him down and console him. Why? All I can figure is that the nap is so late that he is really almost ready for bed yet its too early to really sleep through the night. Who knows. But I came across this picture as I was editing a few and realized that he really just has to run out of energy and then he will crash. Anywhere, anytime. Here he is sitting on the couch, snack cup in hand, leaning up against The Gent as The Gent watches a basketball game. Out cold.The other day he and I were on the webcam with my sister and The Boy's cousin and best buddy, D and The Boy was climbing all over laughing and playing on the webcam. As soon as we were finished, he climbed behind me in the chair as he always does. He loves to be a monkey on your back! About two minutes later I realized how very still he was. He wasn't moving an inch. He had totally fallen asleep on my back here at the computer. I wish my camera would have been close by. It would have been great to get a picture.

So, after months of no nap, he has started telling me that we need to lay down together for a nap. Today, after I laid The Girl down for her nap he grabbed my hand and said, "Come on, we can lay in our bed." I said, "You mean your bed"? "No, mommy's bed and we can take a nap together!" he said. The fact that he won't sleep in his own bed is an entirely different post. But for today he is taking a nap. He wanted to lay down. Maybe he's figured out that falling asleep just anywhere isn't as cozy. But for sure, I think he knows that a nap is sort of nice sometimes even for a little energizer bunny.