Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today as I was going through my photos, I came across these. . .

As I was watching them play together today I realized that they have become these little buddies. No, it hasn't always been this way. The Boy hasn't always been the gentlest little guy and then The Girl took her turn with hitting and pushing back. For months I have wondered if they would realize it was so much more fun to just play with each other. I realize that they have. They love each other so much.

The Boy is constantly watching out for The Girl and helping her in any way he can. Even if that means doing something as simple as finding her sippie cup because she is crying and he thinks she is thirsty. Which I love when she is upset and he will try to interpret for us what she needs. (e.g. she is just hungry, she just needs her juice, she just wants you to hold her - which are things he tells us all of the time).

The Girl wants to do everything and anything that The Boy does (which if you know The Boy is good and bad :-) She loves playing with him, reading books with him and especially loves his laugh. She loves to tease and they have so much fun teasing each other. They are so cute and amazing to watch. They are learning and growing right beside each other and I love it.

They both have a bit of a cold right now and today was an extra cranky day for everyone. I wish I would have had the camera when The Girl was crying and The Boy told her, "don't cry Kater bug (which we call her a lot), it's OK." Then he said, "come here honey, do you need a hug?" (It's so funny to hear them use words I do). That was just what The Girl needed and she leaned right into him and gave him a hug. As he consoled her I realized that not every day has to be a battle around here although it may seem like it at times. They are both getting so big and I need to stop wishing my days away.