Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The Boy cracks me up answering the phone all of the time lately. Today it went something like this. . .

Phone rings. The Boy runs as fast as he can to the office which is the phone he can easily grab.

The Boy (in his fastest talking voice ever without taking a breath): Hello. I'm going to soccer today. Hello. I can play with a soccer team. Hello.

Me: Hello. (not knowing who it was, asking The Boy to please hang up the phone)

THe Boy (over top me): We're gonna go to soccer now.

Coach (trying too hide his laughter): This is The Boy's soccer coach. The game has been cancelled today because of the weather.

Getting off the phone I had to tell The Boy we weren't going to soccer because of the snow. All he said was, "yeah, that snow is soooooo cold!" We haven't heard another word about soccer.

I know, I know. No pictures. I suck at getting to edit my own pictures lately. I promise I'll break them out one of these days. You'll love the soccer pictures. The Boy tangled in the net, sitting with the other team and really being anywhere but on the field with his team.