Saturday, April 19, 2008

Midnight Snack

No, it's not really midnight yet but I totally have a sweet tooth. Big time sweet tooth. Too bad The Gent and I have been eating healthy. So healthy. You would be proud :-) Anyways, here I sit gathering the last tidbits for my sharing time tomorrow and wanting to snack. I could seriously go for something sweet, something bad, something that wouldn't really be worth eating. Instead, we are having Quaker Rice cakes and ice water. Gah. I know it's a good little snack but are they kicking the sweet tooth? NO. Sad. I'm trying not to miss my Dr. Pepper and sweets. At the moment it is hard because, well, I love me some Dr. Pepper and I love anything sweet. :-( Go away cravings, go away sweet tooth! As much as I've loved your friendship it is time to go our separate ways.