Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wide Awake

Have you ever really, really needed sleep yet find yourself wide awake. Hi! I am seriously bright eyed and bushy tailed with a huge day ahead of me tomorrow full of yard sale-ing and a family reunion photo shoot hopefully followed by a visit to the FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) picnic. It is officially 1:15 in the a.m. and we are all meeting at 5:30 for yard sale set up. What am I doing here wide awake? I don't know. I may as well go through my basement one more time and tag a few more things, right :-) Seriously I am nuts. I had a psycho day today and thought I'd be more than glad to get home to my bed. Yet, all I really want to do it go wake The Gent up and chat his ears off. Believe me, that wouldn't be a welcome thing after the day he had at work today. Sigh. I guess I'll find myself something more productive to do.