Thursday, July 10, 2008

Potty Training 101

Where is potty training boot camp when you need it?
I am talking, ship him off and get him back a week later completely potty trained.
That's what I need.

I think I have officially gotten an F- in potty training. Our first attempt was over a year ago. I cannot tell you how many attempts there have been since then. What I can tell you are dozens of poop and pee stories around my house, my in-laws house, the back yard, etc. but if I were to do that no one would ever come over again. All I can say is thank heavens for Mr. Clean and Lysol. I promise everything is sanitized! :-)

So, a few weeks ago I officially gave up. Dropped out of potty training 101 and walked away with the F- I had felt for months was inevitable. And out of the blue, guess who decides to go potty. The Boy! He has only had a handful of accidents in the last week and has started telling people if he needs to go potty. It is unbelievable. He even went #2 all on his own and finally got the frog out of his "potty bucket" that he has been dying to play with for months now. He has stopped freaking out every time he realizes that he does need to head to the potty and will just run in and do it. I am shocked. I am so proud. I am hoping it sticks. As soon as he pooped we wanted to call everyone we know to tell them. Boy was he excited to share the great news and so was I. Please let this be it. Please let it not just be another attempt. How nice it would be to have one child out of diapers (well Pull Ups in his case with our many attempts).
Today as he headed to the park with The Gent's parents, I reminded him that he needed to let them know if he needed to go potty and he looked right at The Gent's mom and said, "yeah, because I'm a big boy!" Yes, yes you are. A big boy that ALWAYS goes potty on the big boy potty when you need to! Let's hope and pray this is it. I've had more than my share of cleaning up poop and pee and seriously might freak if I find one more "present" waiting somewhere.