Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I wanna go!

The Girl loves being with her brother and has turned from a complete mommy's girl to a complete daddy's girl over the last few months. This morning, after taking The Boy to preschool and coming back home to eat breakfast, The Girl and I had a conversation that went something like this. . .

The Girl: where Yannon [which is what she calls The Boy] go?

Me: The Boy's at school. He'll be back soon.

The Girl: Mmmm Hmmmm. Where daddy go?

Me: Daddy's at work.

The Girl: Mmmmm Hmmmm. (Silent for a minute just eating her oatmeal.) I go skeew. I go wook?

Me: One day you can go to school and go to work but right now you just get to play with mommy and have fun. Eat your oatmeal and we can find your baby.

The Girl: I wanna go get [The Boy]. Get daddy. (pointing to the door and getting all worked up)

I guess I'm not as much fun as I think I am. Not when you could wrestle and play with The Boy and Daddy.