Monday, October 27, 2008

No More!

Today I've had it.
Enough is enough.

Last night I joked with my MIL that it was totally fine if the oven melted some of my bumm off. I was half joking. Really, it would have been fine to melt that and more. If only it were that easy. I can think of a million and one reasons of how I've gotten to this point but I won't because really, they are all just lame reasons/excuses. Although that won't keep me from taping them all to the punching bag and getting them out of my system.

So, tonight, the treadmill, eliptical and punching bag got the better part of me. My legs are jello, my hair is a sweaty mess, my arms ache. It feels so good. I am already imagining the motivational board for the wall and the lovely chart.

Get ready because I am.
That is the goal.
(and no ladies, this does NOT mean I'm all in for the craft night weigh in)

I've decided that once in a while, I need to move to the top of the list. I need to be the priority rather than everything else being the excuse.