Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pics by Landon

The Boy hates. . .did I say HATES having his picture taken lately. What he does love, is taking pictures himself. Forever we have had the Fisher Price Digital camera. Definitely not a high quality camera for sure. But something that it doesn't matter if he drops, throws, leaves on the floor, etc. And forever, The Boy wanted nothing to do with it. Until lately. The Gent decided to upload the pictures from the camera the other day and they just made me laugh. For one, they are all blurry. . .so The Boy because he is constantly on the go. Most of them had all/part/some of The Girl's head in them. . . .they are always right by each other doing what the other one is doing. And they show glimpses of life as The Boy which I absolutely love. He goes around saying, "I can take a picture of that" or when I get my camera he'll say, "And I can get mine" and run and get his FP one.