Sunday, October 19, 2008

There was This One Day

Back in the day :-) when The Boy started preschool. He was overly excited. He wasn't worried or concerned at all. He woke up ready to start the day and the first thing he wanted was his backpack. He put it on with his PJ's and wanted to go to school. It took everything I had to get him to eat breakfast and actually get him to get dressed for school. And then to take a picture was just completely pushing him over the edge. He was just ready to get to school and asked, "can we go now?" Here is The Boy running (literally) out the door. Not waiting for two seconds for me to adjust the camera.

When we got there, he jumped out of the car and wasn't going to wait for a second for me to even go with him. I tricked him into waiting while I took this. And when he realized he waited for a picture, he was off. Running to preschool. He was in the door and up the stairs to his classroom before I could even make it through all of the other parents and kids. And that was that. His first day of preschool. He never looked back. I didn't get a hug and kiss. He's too grown up for that and I cried about it the whole way to the store because, after all, he should miss me more than that, right?!?!?!? But when I picked him up from school that day, he came running to me full force with his arms open wide and gave me the best hug ever. So, that made up for all of that.