Friday, October 17, 2008

Going Green

I have always wanted to be a bit greener by getting reuseable grocery bags. I just never do it for so many reasons. Mainly because the bags seems like such a waste, they aren't very big, are never very sturdy and I feel like they really can never hold as much as I need them too. I have always loved a good brown paper bag and love shopping at Harmon's for that reason (there are other reasons too but do love those brown paper bags). Well, I have finally done it.

I have been loving these bags because they are an exact replica of the Harmons brown paper bags with handles. Just reusable. They are super sturdy, have extra reinforcement on the bottom and fold up just like the brown paper bags. Love them. And they are definitely green in more ways than one. "Go green. The planet thanks you." (that's the bag talking, not me :-)