Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Continuous Journey

Adoption is a continuous journey. Some days it seems never ending. We are always hoping, wishing, dreaming of the family that we have always envisioned.

When The Gent and I were dating and after we got engaged, we talked about many things, including how many children we wanted to have.

We both wanted five.

That changed when we were hit with infertility. We hoped and prayed that there would be even one child to join our family. We knew it would happen and The Girl and The Boy are proof that it has.

Every adoption is a miracle and The Boy & The Girl's are no exception. Their adoptions are miracles, their birth families are our angels, and their stories are what give us more faith and hope that another miracle can and will happen.

We are often asked where we are in the adoption process (which is definitely a process) but in all honesty, we are always in the process. If not officially approved and "waiting" we are always hoping and praying that our children will find their way to our family. That their birth mothers will have the strength and courage to first choose life and then choose adoption. That our family and friends all know that we are always open to adoption and that they will be adoption advocates. Not just for us, but for all of the families hoping to adopt and for all of those who find themselves or someone they love in a situation with an unplanned pregnancy. We want adoption to be a positive option.

Our adoption journey is just that a journey, one that we are always walking. One that we are always on. And we will be until we feel like our family is complete. We will constantly be hoping, dreaming, wishing and praying for another miracle.

I'll admit that I talk about it and think about it a hundred times more than The Gent does. But I can't help it. Adoption is a huge part of our lives. My brain is always on overdrive wondering what I should be doing, analyzing things, decifering thoughts and trying to follow promptings. I am really just trying to do my part even though I know Heavenly Father sees a much bigger picture and has a much bigger dream for us than we may realize. And so the journey continues.