Sunday, November 9, 2008

Did You Know?

"Contrary to what some may believe, unwed parents who place their children for adoption are not taking “the easy way out” or abandoning their responsibility. Instead, they are placing the needs of their children before their own feelings and desires—the essence of true parenthood. Such a decision is deserving of the highest commendation and respect."

"But children are not the only ones who benefit from adoption. Studies show that single mothers who place their children for adoption are more likely to finish school, are less likely to live in poverty, and have fewer physical or emotional health problems."

"Children who are raised by a single parent are "five time as likely to be poor, twice as likely to drop out of school and two to three times more likely as adults to commit crimes."

"Children placed in adoptive homes have better scores in school and engage
in less delinquent behavior than children raised by a single parent."

"Children in adoptive families have better health status and higher quality
home environment than all other children."

"Mothers who place their child for adoption are “more likely to finish school
and less likely to live in poverty”."

"Mothers who choose adoption are more likely to marry than those who
parent their baby."

Adoption truly is a positive option for everyone involved.
I just wish more people would realize that.
I wish teen pregnancy wasn't made to seem
so glamorous in the media.
I wish abortion wasn't the only choice for so many.
I wish more women considered adoption an option.
And I wish it were viewed as a positive one at that.