Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We seriously had so much fun going to Good Things Utah today. My friends Mrs. R (an adoptive mom x2) and Miss Myra (a birth mother) were perfect on the show. If you didn't see it, hopefully we'll have a link for you in a few days so that you can watch it online. Even though I thought the little segment could have been ten times longer :-) what they did share was perfect. That adoption is an option and a blessing for everyone involved. Fantabulous! And as Mrs. R said, "Four minutes is better than zero, so we'll go with it!" Seriously so much fun. I love my friends and if it weren't for adoption I wouldn't have met this amazing lady (who joined the adoption world just to be my friend :-) and this cute lady who I met through the blog world because of an adoption connection and who drove 2 hours in the snow just to come to GTU today. And many others who I have such great friendships with all because of adoption. Have I ever mentioned how wonderful adoption is. :-) Onto the pics.

Foster care dude, Myra, and Mrs. R on the adoption segment
Myra and Mrs. R with the GTU ladies.
Mrs. R, Me, and Kimmie with the GTU ladies

Mrs. R, me and Kimmie in the green room