Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Silly Girl

The Girl is hilarious lately and full of life. She has completely broken out of her quiet little shell and has a lot to say and a million things to talk about (although half of the time I swear she is speaking a different language). She is definitely two years old and has a mind of her own.

Today, while I was getting her ready for her nap and The Boy situated for quiet time, The Girl says to me, "no nap" with THE best face she has ever given me (her just try and make me face). She jumped up on the couch, sat down, folded her arms and gave me the look. I said, "come on cute girl, it's nap time." And she said, with her arms still folded and a glaring look that said I already told you, "I doe teent so." It was the funniest thing. She wasn't going to have it. The whole way upstairs she just kept saying, "I doe teent so."

Earlier today at the store, she over heard some ladies saying how cute her sweater was and she turned and said, in the sweetest little voice, "I cute" then she tilted her head and gave them the sweetest little smile. I laughed so hard and so did to two ladies. When we walked by them again, The Girl looked down and brushed her sweater as if to say, "my sweater is cute." roflmbo Hilarious I tell you. She is the best.