Monday, December 15, 2008

I Don't Care

The Boy is finally, FINALLY feeling better.

And even better, he is finally sleeping.
He has to be exhausted from the lack of sleep he's had since he's been sick. I swear the medicine they gave him that was supposed to knock him out, had the opposite affect.

He has slept in the last two days.

He slept until 9 today (unheard of for this guy who likes to wake up at 6:45). And I let him. Who cares that preschool starts at 9 and he was completely late. Who cares that I let him take an extra 10 minutes to eat his breakfast. Who cares that we read a book, had cuddles and then got him ready for preschool.

I don't. It was worth every minute. And our entire day will be better because of it.