Thursday, December 11, 2008

Start off the Day

It seems like we have the same three things for breakfast almost every single day. . .Cheerios, oatmeal or pancakes. The Girl's favorite is oatmeal. The Boy's is pancakes. That is until recently when The Boy realized that I made my oatmeal a little bit differently. I like my oatmeal with milk but the trick is to pour it over while it is piping hot and without stirring. It makes the oatmeal clump together and it is divine. The Boy noticed and wanted a bite of mine. He was hooked after the first bite and said it was the best oatmeal he had ever eaten. The Girl of course had to have a bite but didn't like it and went back to her creamy, milk stirred in, bowl of oatmeal which she devours in minutes and always wants more. Now every morning when I ask The Boy what he wants for breakfast he says, "oatmeal but with milk please." He knows what he likes and I love that he wants it just like mine.