Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where have I been?

I swear it happened overnight.

I blinked and these two grew up on me.

I wish I could freeze them for just a little while to let the different stages sink in fully. I feel like I haven't slowed down enough lately and now I'm realizing how big they have gotten.

Boy & Girl - Please don't grow up too fast. I just can't handle turning around to realize that you are ten.

And the cutest story to go along with the jacket The Boy is wearing.
A few weeks ago, as we were getting dressed for church, I pulled out this jacket that I had gotten for him a while back but one that he has never worn and asked him if he wanted to wear it. He loves jackets and rushes to get ready if he knows there is a great jacket or sweater to wear. So, he got his jacket on, got all excited, pulled on the bottom of the jacket as if to straighten it out and with the biggest smile on his face said, "I look just like D, don't I?" [for those of you who may not know, D is his birth grandpa]
It was so cute. He was so proud. It totally reminds him of D and now whenever I ask him if he wants a jacket, he says, "the D jacket?"