Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Day

I come here to my little blog every single day and think to myself, "self, why haven't you posted?" and I want to, I have to many pictures and so many stories that I never want to forget and I really should write down and this has been my place to do that. I even walk around taking pictures just for my blog because it would be a great post. They are all sitting here on my computer, most unedited.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been trying to focus on what is most important in my life and trying to cut out the things that I waste too much time doing (although granted some of the things I have cut out have not been a waste of time and I miss them dearly). Amongst those things, blogging became one of them. So while I think every day to write a post apologizing for my lack of posting. . .it's not going to happen. I have come to accept that when I have a few minutes I can post on the blog and if I don't, I'm not going to worry about it (obviously, right. lol).

At the same time, I don't want you to think that I have fallen off the planet. I am here and even occassionally blog hop. And one day, maybe someday I will actually get aroung to making the dozens of posts that are just dying to be posted. One day. Just not today.