Sunday, April 5, 2009

Olay, Olay!

I came across this body wash by accident as I was walking by some clearance at my favorite store, Target. It was a 2-pack for $3. Cheap, right. So, I thought I could take a chance and upgrade the kiddos from the baby wash to something for "big kids" because they definitely are that. I just hate changing things like that because, what if you just hate it.

Well, I don't. I love it! It has been so good. I love the smell. Although the smell is really nothing like it, it reminds me of the shampoo from our trips to Bearlake with our grandparents. And the kids think it is so great to get the loofa (I'd like to point out, NOT the wood looking loofa) all foamy with bubbles.

But the best part has been that since using it, I haven't had to lotion The Girls eczyma legs ten times a day. It keeps them from getting so dry. Of course I also love the baby lotion smell and we are not about to upgrade that just yet.