Friday, April 10, 2009

In Case you Didn't Know

I thought I might share a few totally random things about me just because I am sure you were wondering.

1. I hang out in my PJ’s most days.
2. I love to have people over, love nice dinners, love to go out.
3. I am a night owl and love to sleep in (although that never happens with two kids).
4. I love Italian food. . . anything creamy. . .nothing with marinara.
5. If ever I say something stupid, I worry about it for weeks if not months.
6. I worry about my younger brothers and sisters like a mom.
7. I always throw my clothes on the bedroom floor at night.
8. I have to sleep on the right hand side of the bed
9. I dread doing the laundry and put it off as long as possible.
10. I am afraid of the dark.
11. I have to sleep with my feet poking out of the covers or I feel like I am suffocating.
12. I am a huge procrastinator and therefore work best under pressure.
13. I love dining at nice restaurants because I love having a reason to get dressed up.
14. I absolutely hate call-waiting.
15. I would love to volunteer in an orphanage.
16. I often worry about the “what if’s” of life.
17. I love cuddling up with my hubby and watching a movie.
18. When I start cleaning, I feel the need to clean everything inside and out. Cupboards, walls, door jams, etc. so it takes ten times longer than it really probably needs to.
19. I would be a shoe person but can’t be with my size 13 feet.
20. I love winter scarves.
21. I love the smell of rain and love playing in the rain.
22. I wish I could remember more of my childhood (or maybe not)
23. I love family traditions.
24. I would love to play the violin.
25. I am a picky pita.
26. I love to make up my own recipes.
27. I love black and white photography.
28. I hate surprises.
29. I love the smell of campfire.
30. I can't live without my family & friends.

There ya go. Me in a nutshell