Saturday, May 2, 2009

ENDED: Drum Roll, Please!

Me (which why am I turned the wrong way?), Kim, and Mrs. R on the red carpet at the Goldsmith Jeweler Event
Vanessa, Evonne, Me, Mrs. R and Amber

Me, Kim & Mrs. R trying to get a sneak peek of the goods in the safe (take note of our Pandora bracelets).

The entire group of ladies who I had a great time getting to know many of them and I look forward to following their blogs.

Since yesterday, I have been wearing and staring at my Pandora bracelet. Which says a lot since I have been working in my PJ's all day long and really had no reason to have jewelry on.
Really, I've just been dreaming all day about adding more charms to it.

I also can't help but notice my wedding ring which Goldsmith cleaned for me last night. It is truly a cleaning process, not like most other jewelers who just stick it in a little cleaning container, shake it up a bit and call it clean. This puppy is super duper clean, shiny, and all of the scratches from the last 13 years buffed out. It looks brand new. There are no longer remnants of the bread I made a week ago or the sugar cookies we made a month ago stuck in the crevaces.
Gross, I know. I really should take my ring off for those things but I never remember until it is already stuck in the cracks,then what's the point.

Goldsmith Jewelers is serious about their work, they are serious about their customers and they seriously love giving things away. In addition to the free pearl necklaces for every single one of you...I am giving away a $50 gift certificate to Goldsmith Jewelers which can be used towards anything at their store.

To enter the giveaway, just leave me a comment (be sure to leave me your email address so that I can contact the winner). It's as easy as that. Remember that Goldsmith Jewelers is in Provo (totally worth the drive even if you are in Salt Lake) and you will need to go there to redeem it. The giveaway will close on Tuesday, May 5th at 12:00 noon. The winner will be announced later that afternoon and the gift certificate will be emailed to them so they can use it immediately, just in time for Mother's Day (good through May 9th).

And for those who like to go above and beyond,
you can earn additional entries (after first leaving a comment) by:

1) Blogging about my giveaway
Make sure to include a link to my blog and also leave a comment for me with a link to your post.
2 extra entries

2) Twitter about my giveaway, Goldsmith Jewelers or Pandora
Be sure to include @leishakelsey so I will see it
1 extra entry

3) Follow my blog
1 extra entry

4) Follow me on Twitter
see the link to the bottom of my sidebar
1 extra entry

5) Blog or post a message on Facebook about my family's Hope to Adopt
with a link to our adoption profile at
5 extra entries for this one (for real!)

That's a total of 11 possible entries per person.
No anonymous entries please.

I know exactly which two charms I would get if I had a $50 gift certificate. What would you get?