Monday, April 30, 2012

Grateful Monday: Early Summer

It's Monday morning. Good morning everyone! Today we are grateful for being off-track. Our year round school schedule has never really been our favorite. While most people are getting ready for a nice, long summer break we are going off track for three weeks and then still have 6 weeks of school before this school year finally comes to an end. That means summer for us isn't official for 9 weeks and then summer seems shorter than ever.

Rather than focusing on that, we are choosing to look at it this way...we get three weeks of summer before everyone else! Starting today! How fabulous is that? We are kicking it off with our list of summer fun. We will have to pause for that last 6 weeks of school but are determined not to let that ruin our fun.

Here's what our summer list looks like.
Taking a family of four (five if The Gent is home from work) for any activity can get pricey, so you will find that most of the things on our list are budget friendly, DIY or better yet, free. I spent $30 at the dollar store and got almost all of the items we needed for the little crafts/activities on our list. Score! When making our list I wanted to be sure to incorporate family & friends, service, art & crafts, and education. Not just because they are important to me but because those are things my kids love and enjoy too.

Do you plan your summer out? What are some of your favorite things to do? Do share, we are always up for new adventures! Be sure to follow my Summer Fun Pinboard for links & a brief explanation on some of the summer fun items. Just look for the corresponding numbers from the summer fun list and the pins.