Thursday, May 3, 2012

I am so excited to be going to the Breathing Space Bloggers Retreat at Daybreak this weekend. Not just because I could use an overnight getaway but because I also love Daybreak. I love the lake and I love the little shops on Soda Row. I also love walking through model homes whenever I get the chance and since we get to sleep in the model homes at Daybreak, that makes it extra exciting.

I am a sucker for theme dinners and love learning new things which this weekend is going to be packed full of. I can also already hear the laughter that is going to ensue spending some time with one of my besties, Kim. They also have some amazing sponsors which I love. Here are just a few:

i Heart Doterra: When we first adopted The Baby, he was so sick and my friend introduced me to DoTerra essential oils. I was hesitant because I remember my mom using Melaleuca oil growing up and I loathed the smell. But I really do love, love, love them and enjoy them being diffused in our home (Melaleuca may still the exception ;-). Our family has saved so many trips to the dr because of essential oils.

Cafe Rio: What? I know, right. What else do I need to say. Salad & Chips & queso anyone? Delicious. Always one of my top GNO dinner spots.

Goldilocks Ride: The Goldilocks Ride was my first bike ride with my friends after buying my road bike. It was a great adventure for sure. After a broken seat and my clip in getting stuck in my pedal,  we still had a great ride. Talking about it makes me want to go and do it again. Which also makes me want to get back on my bike (it has been way too long for sure!).

Torani: Italian cream sodas anyone? Yes, please. The Gent's dad has created the perfect blend for Italian cream sodas using Torani syrup. I also love watching him measure precisely each time he makes them.

Read all about the things happening over at Daybreak.

**Disclaimer: While I was given a ticket to the Breathing Space Bloggers Retreat and asked to share some of the sponsors, these opinions are all my own. I love Daybreak and visit often. I am just lucky enough to blog about it too.