Friday, June 15, 2012

Getting (My Family) Ready for a Girls Road Trip

So excited for my girls trip coming up tomorrow. I am headed to Oregon for my little sisters collage graduation. So proud of her (way to go chicka!). I've been looking forward to it all week but also realize it is a lot to have The Gent home with the kids for five full days. So, I tried to make it as easy on him as possible. Here are a few things I did to hopefully make it easier for The Gent.
 Homemade french bread
 Outfits for the kids all laid out
 Girls hairstyle lessons for The Gent
(quite entertaining for me and he is such a good sport)
 The Girl so excited to have her dad do her hair
 Coke Zero for The Gent's sanity
 Hidden message written in Sharpie for when it is empty that says, "Don't worry, there is a backup stash in the pantry. Love you"
 Breakfast in the crockpot
A little gift for The Gent with a few of his favorite things 
(even though we celebrated Father's Day a week early, I didn't want The Gent feeling like he wasn't being celebrated on Father's Day)
Hopefully all of the pre-prep makes it easier for my family while I am gone. The Gent is awesome in so many ways but I love that he wanted me to be able to take a girls trip with my aunt and SIL to celebrate my sister's accomplishments.
Oregon, here we come!