Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snapshots of Our Life: The Boy

One of my all-time favorite gifts that we have given our children's birth parents has got to be the "Day in the Life Of" books (the everyday things they do and say). Because I always want to remember them at different stages of their lives, I thought it would be great to have a snapshot of our lives, a spotlight of sorts.
 Let me introduce you to The Boy (aka Mr. L). He is 7 years old and constantly reminding us that he is about to turn 8. He has also been eating like a horse and has grown over 2" in the last two months (what in the world!). When I tell him he needs to stop growing he says he can't because that is what he is supposed to do and not to worry because he will still cuddle with me when he gets big (now that I have that documented he must, right :-)

  • He is a morning guy. Almost always awake at 6:00 a.m. 
  • He only likes school for the social aspect (too bad you get in trouble for talking and hugging all day long).
  • He likes to have cuddle time after school (and I can hear him saying, "mom you are embarrassing me" as I type that).
  • He never has time to sit down and eat. He snacks as he goes.
  • He thinks bedtime is for the birds, especially when the sun is still awake. 
  • He would rather sleep on our bedroom floor than his cozy, cozy bed
  • If he could wear cozy sweats and a sweat shirt every day he would. 
(This is the face he gives me when he is done with pictures.)

He is hilarious and continually saying things that make me laugh or catch me off-guard. Some of my favorite things he says:

"I see what you are trying to do here and it isn't going to work!"
(anytime I creatively try to get him to do homework or chores)
"We could certainly incorporate that..."
(when something gives him an idea)
This is such a Mr. L face.

"Seriously?!??!?! You are joking aren't you."
(He doesn't always appreciate my sarcastic self. I can picture his face all scrunched up as he says this.)
"So, what do you have planned for us today"
(always looking for something grand that includes friends)
"According to my calculations, zero does not complicate things so..."
(envision a profound conclusion, while doing math homework)
"This is the best!"..."This is the worst"..."I absolutely love it"..."I am furious right now"
(always verbally expressing his emotions)

The Boy is full of energy, always thinking on his toes, extremely compassionate and loving and has fantastic negotiating skills. Love our almost 8 years old (how can that possibly be?!?!?!).