Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Elase Medical Spa in Draper

When I set my goals at the beginning of the year, one of the things at the top of the list was taking better care of myself and making sure that I wasn't putting myself at the bottom of the list (or letting myself fall completely off the list for that matter which is easy to do with three busy kids). My goals included eating better, exercising, laying off the Diet Coke (gasp!), and getting my crazy hormones under control.

I started off the year doing good at eating better and exercising and had to work my way up to the Diet Coke (just for the record, I am going on 5 weeks without one and I am still alive!) and then those pesky hormones are always on the list (thank you PCOS!).
When I had the opportunity to tour Elase Medical Spa in Draper as a brand ambassador, I thought I would check into exactly what it was they had to offer before the tour. I had never heard of a medical spa before and while I knew they did laser hair removal, I didn't know much beyond that.
My vision of facials, massages & pedicures was far from true. That isn't what they do at all. I was so excited to see that they offer laser hair removal, bio-identical hormone therapy, skin rejuvenation and weight loss. They also offer botox, fillers and cosmetic surgery.
What I didn't know that day was how truly wonderful Elase is. With a million things going on and my stress at an all time high, it is always refreshing to go into Elase and have them make me feel fabulous the minute I walk in the door. It is so relaxing and the medical staff at Elase Draper is so friendly. So much so that I really just want to hang out with them all day every time I go in for an appointment!
I met with them for a consult and was surprised at how reasonable their prices were, especially with their affordable membership packages. They also offer discounts which are easy to find out about through their Facebook page
After spending some time at Elase, I decided to do laser hair removal (goodbye, manbeard), bio-identical hormone therapy (help me hormones!), and VIVE weight loss (come on healthy weight). Some of those things can get a bit personal but they have been fantastic and as Brittney reminded me, "It is never to late to start taking care of you." I would definitely say this is a great start to taking care of me and I look forward to sharing my journey all along the way. Starting with laser hair removal for that manbeard of mine!
Elase in Draper is easy to find right off of 123rd South & I-15 near Kohl's. They also have a Sugarhouse location. 
Disclaimer: While Elase Medical Spas is providing treatments in exchange for sharing my experiences and opinions regarding the services they provide, my opinions are all my own. I think taking better care of myself is something I should have done a long time ago. Now is a great time to start and I am grateful I can do it at Elase!