Friday, July 19, 2013

A Love of Soccer

Miss K told us last year that she wanted to play soccer (one thing on her long list of sports she asked us to sign her up for). In fact, when she saw a pair of soccer cleats on the clearance rack at Target last year, she begged and begged me to get them for her and so I did, a size bigger so they would fit when the season started.

This is the thing, Miss K LOVES soccer! She practices and practices in the back yard. Loves her uniform and intently listens to every. single. word the coach tells her. She loves it. Not to mention, she is good at it! So good! 

 Celebrating her 2nd goal of the game. She was beyond excited.

And guess what? I love it too! There is something so fun about watching her and cheering on her and her team. When she scores a goal and runs out of the game to give us a high-five, it is the best moment ever! It is so much fun watching her do something she absolutely loves.

She had so much fun when it was her turn for treats. Oranges and orange Gatorade for the Orange Beavers seemed totally fitting. Of course we amped them up a bit with a little tag ;-)

Miss K cried when the season ended. We told her we would sign her up again and she cried again because she wants the same team, the same coach and the same jersey for next season. She is so awesome and I am certain that one day she will thoroughly enjoy just that season after season after season.