Monday, August 4, 2014

Play Nook: Scotch Make Amazing Contest

I made it into the Top 10, vote for me in the "Maker Masterpiece" category here.
For my second entry for the Scotch Make Amazing Contest, I created this fun and inviting play nook using all sorts of Scotch tape, Scotch Repair Glue (works so great I may never use anything else!), Command strips and the regular Scotch crafting supplies including scissors and a utility knife. 

The tent in the play nook is perfect for reading or napping and was created using two pieces of foamboard and then decorated in Scotch tape in a diamond pattern. I used two of my favorite patterns, Scotch Peacock Duct tape and Scotch Mint Mosaic Masking tape. The front poles are dowels wrapped in tape and then glued using Scotch Repair Glue.  
 The "play" letters are wooden letters covered in two types of Scotch masking tape.
 The playful butterfly was created on poster board and decorated in Scotch Expressions tape and Scotch Duct tape. All of its fine details were hand-cut with my Scotch Utility Knife.
The little bunting is hung on twine and created by folding over pieces of Scotch tape and then trimming the ends.  
The tent is really our favorite part of the nook...or wait, is it the butterfly?....or maybe the cute little bunting?...maybe we just love it all. It is a great place to read or color and I find my kids hanging out in it quite often.