Sunday, August 3, 2014

Reading Is A Blast Bulletin Board & Free Printable

I made it into the Top 10, vote for me in the "Education Creations" category here.
I decided to enter the Scotch Make Amazing Contest with this bright and colorful bulletin board display. It is created using a lot Scotch Expressions tape, Scotch Duct Tape, Scotch Washi Tape, and my Scotch Laminator along with a few other Scotch essentials including a utility knife, scissors double sided tape and glue. I thought you would enjoy the details on how each of the pieces were created.
"Reading" is created out of tape. I printed the outlines of the letters on white cardstock and then used various colors of tape, some cut into tiny triangles and arranged in a mosaic pattern. Scotch star shaped Post-It Notes decorate the entire board. 

 This word took me hours to complete. I think I was dreaming of tiny triangles that night.

The top of my bulletin board display is decorated with a box of books, the box decorated in tape to look like a shuttle panel, the inside with Scotch Duct tape. The containers of pencils and bookmarks are decorated in tape as well.
 I also included the Scotch doodle pad for writing down favorite books or quotes. 
I designed these bookmarks and am including a link for a free printable here (for personal use only).
I printed the bookmarks and decorated the backs with Scotch tape and then sent them through my handy, dandy Scotch laminator. 
The pencils are wrapped in different colors of Scotch tape. 

 Every rocket theme needs a countdown, so I included a countdown of the top 4th grade books. The entire bulletin board is decorated in Scotch Star Shaped Post-It Notes. 

 These fun little rockets were so easy to make using the Scotch tape and Scotch glue. They would make a great project for the classroom and are fun to create and decorate however you want.
 The huge rocket is about 3 feet long and was created using poster board decorated in various kinds of Scotch tape.
 The moon is also decorated with silver Scotch tape to add a bit of moon detail. 
 Every little reading nook should have a bright colored rug. The rug is made using Scotch masking tape and Duct tape. The bright colors and diagonal pattern make it fun in the space.
In the bookcase, I used Scotch Duct tape and clear packing tape to cover these magazine holders and to break up different genres of books. 
I had so much fun creating all of these little projects out of tape. My kids love the little "library" in our house and never want to take it down.

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