Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Card Design

So now that Christmas is over and everyone has already gotten our Christmas cards I thought I'd share it with the blogging world. We have had so many comments on it which I love and appreciate. It might just hang on our fridge all year long because I still get excited looking at it and well, I just love it! For all of those who have inquired, I designed it myself and had it printed through the same company we have all of our photography prints made through. The pictures were taken by my good friend Kim who I work with at Simply You Photography. She does a fabulous job. (Although don't get any ideas on booking her since you can just book me! Love ya, Kim :-) As for design, yes I do other design work. You just have to ask. I have been asked about everything from invitations, announcements, brochures, flyers, etc. I love design and love making new things so I am up for just about anything. Here is our card. Accordian fold front and back. Printed on a pearlescent paper (think sparkly snow). Tied with a little green ribbon. I love it.