Wednesday, October 15, 2008


With preschool starting last month, it has somewhat forced us to get out of our lazy, summer day swing of things and into more of a routine and schedule. (I realize that summer is pretty much long gone since I am sitting here in a sweater and really feeling the need for hot chocolate as it has gotten so cold.) But it has also made me focus more on the things that are truly important and prioritize the things in my life. As much as I hate sticking to a schedule and really enjoy just doing whatever we feel like on any given day, our life is becoming more organized and neat. I've missed that without really realizing it along the way.

I now have a cleaning schedule, a grocery shopping schedule, a work schedule, a laundry schedule, a family calendar, an organized budget, of course the preschool schedule (which started it all), one on one time with Little Miss, a date night and craft night. Along with all of that, we've started an earlier bedtime. 7:30 (which if you know The Boy is an amazing feat). We've been sticking to all of it and it is so good. We are all happier and more content. We are more productive and aware of what is going on in our family. The Gent and I have more alone time together than we have in the last few years. It is a good feeling. It's not that those things weren't really there before but have just been more laxed with all of it lately.

It really makes me stop and think about priorities and really just making time for what is important. Being a wife and a mother is definitely at the top of the list. Followed by church, extended family/friends, and then my photography business. It is good to look at that and remind myself of what really is important when our schedules and days tend to feel crammed and crazy. And to realize what really should be taking precedence and I approach things with a different perspective.

I look forward to our family nights, date nights, craft nights and cuddle time. Although it is all more scheduled and laid out than ever before, I find myself planning more, accomplishing more and enjoying all of it more rather than thinking of the rest of the things waiting for me on the never ending to do list.