Saturday, September 12, 2009

Always Making Me Laugh

No pictures because I suck at getting them organized lately. But I must write down the funny things my kids say somewhere.

First of all, it has been quite the day. The kids haven't been acting like themselves all day and the little man has been complaining about his stomach and then threw up twice.

Earlier tonight...

Me: Little man does your tummy feel OK? (this is right after he threw up)
L: I shouldn't have eaten that Sushi. (after having just one bite at my mom's house and not being sure about it)

I couldn't help but laugh.

A few minutes later...

L: Mom, do you think the toilet is going to be OK.
Me: What do you mean? I think the toilet is fine.
L: No, it isn't. I probably just made it sick from puking in it.
Me (laughing inside because he was completely serious): I think the toilet can handle it.

The little lady has been cranky all day. Whining and crying galore. Still whining L starts singing "I understand, I understand, I understand" (yes, sings) and then says, "it's OK K, you don't have to cry." This is what I have been telling her all day as I am trying to calm her down (minus the singing). I guess it is just funny to hear L saying it over and over again.

And this is so typical...earlier today K goes outside and drenches herself with the hose. Standing in the kitchen dripping wet she says (with much dramatization I might add), "guys, I am soakin' wet (arms in the air, talking with her hands). I need to change my cloo-othes (pulling on her shirt). Get my swimming suit and I can go swimming (hand on hips so matter of factly). This is going to be so greaa-at (with the biggest smile ever). She seriously thinks that if she gets all wet then we can bust out their little pool and go swimming. It is her tactic and it worked today.

They are hilarious and seriously say the funniest things. I really need to write them down more often. And really need to videotape Kate when she is talking so dramatically. Really, so funny.

So good we can laugh as we try to survive the sickies. Although I just gagged from having to clean up poor little K's bum. I hope no one else gets sick and it was just something the two of them ate.