Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zombie Mom Wednesdays

With a late work night on Tuesday night, Wednesday's have become livingly referred to as "Zombie Mom Wednesday" around our house. So, if I am walking around more zombie like, check your calendar, it is more than likely a Wednesday.
(Do you really all have to wake up the minute the sun is awake? Sigh.)
If I have gotten 5 hours of sleep on a Tuesday night, it is a good week. Needless to say, our Wednesday mornings are Rough (with a capital R!). I am not sure if there is ever a zombie mom at your house but our zombie mom isn't a morning person to begin with. She sets the alarm clock for the very last minute possible to get the kids to school on-time. She is usually in her pajamas with a hat on to hide the crazy bedhead and has not even brushed her teeth. The kids clothes are usually a little more wrinkled and a little more mismatched. It isn't important if the shoes are on the wrong feet or if the homework is in their backpacks. What is important is that zombie mom is here to give them a kiss and send them off to school (hopefully we make it by that last bell!).
(Just one more minute, I am sure it will make all the difference! Zzzzzzzzzz!)
What is the zombie mom to do with the one little adorable guy that doesn't have school? Maintain survival mode, that's what! Survival mode usually entails milk and breakfast cuddling with the zombie mom with Netflix (sometime in my bed on the kindle) because who am I kidding, I cannot live on 5 hours of sleep! No one benefits, believe me! With Curious George and Phineas & Ferb's help I am sure to get another hour or so of zombie mom sleep time (totally different than normal sleep because it is half sleeping, but in zombie mom state, I'll take it) .
For all of you who have crazy work schedules, have their most productive hours after the kids are in bed, have kids waking them up all night long, enjoy the peace and quiet at night or are just night owls in general for that matter, let's not feel so guilty about needing the help of Curious George and Phineas & Ferb. They come highly recommended. Now, if only they could make breakfast too.